Bioptron 2 with Domestic Stand



“The Professional Model”

30 years of intensive research, hundreds of clinical trials, and significant investment make BIOPTRON the world’s leading Light Therapy Device for health and beauty. Color light therapy is a way of using color and light to balance and enhance our energy in order to keep our body, mind and spirit in a state of health, ease and harmony.


BIOPTRON Pro 1 is designed for use at home, in hospitals, sports & wellness centers and in therapeutic clinics. It is safe, effective and non-invasive. The Bioptron Pro 1 professional model is a Swiss-­made medical light system that is clinically proven and certified across the world, for faster healing and pain relief of numerous medical conditions. The 100% safe spectrum of BIOPTRON polychromatic light does not contain any UV radiation.

BIOPTRON 2 with "Domestic" Stand, Oxy-Sterile Spray®

& FREE Lumia Science 36 page manual (29.95 value)


BIOPTRON 2 Domestic Stand

BIOPTRON 2 comes with a floor stand that allows
optimal positioning and a convenient treatment of the whole body to meet
everyone’s needs.


Absolutely safe

Easy to move

Highly comfortable for a relaxing treatment

Snap-in security system

Flexible as it reaches all body areas

Consumer-friendly assembly and adjustment

The best 36 page manual with tips for using all of the Bioptrons.


Usage Applications

* 58 indications for Bioptron Light Therapy

* Color Energy Charts

* The MegaBodyLight and how to use it

Now you can increase all the education and experience you have and start providing
to all.


The BIOPTRON 2 light therapy device is primarily designed for use by health
professionals. The easy positioning "Domestic Stand" allows a comfortable treatment for the patient as well as for the
medical professional user. On a control panel the duration of each treatment
session can easily be preset up to 95 minutes, dividable into minute-steps.
The filter diameter (approx. 15 cm) permits the treatment of larger areas and hence
offers a time effective therapy.


Polarized Light- Whenever we change a beam of light waves so that many of the waves are vibrating in the same direction, we have 'polarized' the light beam.





Light has biostimulative effects: when applied to the skin, it stimulates light-sensitive intracellular structures and molecules. This initiates cellular chain reactions and triggers so-called secondary responses, which are not only limited to the treated skin area, but can involve the whole body. BIOPTRON devices are used under professional conditions - at hospitals, specialist institutions, sports centres and as well as at home.

BIOPTRON devices are indicated for “adjunctive use in providing temporary relief of minor chronic neck and shoulder pain of musculoskeletal origin”.
Please note that this indication is cleared only to be administered by or under the supervision of a healthcare professional, i.e. in-office use.
BIOPTRON devices have an innovative technology and are designed to be user-friendly for everyone. Floor stands are available for each device and allow convenient positioning according to the individual user's needs. In this way, each part of the body is easily treatable, providing the user with a relaxed, enjoyable treatment. Differing only in size and design, all BIOPTRON Light Therapy devices have the same physical light characteristics and thus an identical beneficiary effect on the human organism.

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On its own, Oxy-Sterile Spray® can be used whenever you want to refresh and vitalize the skin.  Combined with other cosmetic products, it can be used to complete the facial cleansing and as a finishing touch to the daily skin care.  Subtlest dispersion of the spray also allows the use over make up for fixation.

Oxy-Sterile Spray® is suitable not only for the face but for the entire body.  Simply spray a thin layer Oxy-Sterile Spray® on the skin. Do not wipe or pat dry, but let it dry by itself.

Oxy-Sterile Spray® is a natural and unique skin care product formulated to provide our human skin with hydration and vitality. Our skin needs oxygen and water to stay healthy. In the process of ageing our skin vitality depends increasingly on sufficient supply of oxygen and water. A lack of oxygen can result in a change of the skin's metabolism causing the skin respiration to slow down, what finally can cause premature skin ageing. Oxy-Sterile Spray® can help your skin to look healthier and more beautiful.


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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 18 in